ÖRÖ Breakfast

Treat yourself and come and enjoy a delicious breakfast at Restaurant 12". Pick your favourite dish from the rich buffet selection. Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 10:00 during the summer months,...


ÖRÖ Lunch

A delicious and rich buffet lunch is served at Restaurant 12" daily from 1 June to 13 August and at other times by arrangement.Welcome to enjoy!


ÖRÖ Bike rental

Gearless lockable bicycles are available for rent in Örö for 25€/day.Adjustable seat height.Shorter rental periods are also available on site (no advance reservations).1h 8,00€3h 15,00€6h 20,00€


ÖRÖ Ranta Beach Sauna

Book your own sauna shift for the Ranta beach sauna. The sauna is located a few steps from the marina. As the name suggests, the sauna is located close to the shoreline. There is a jetty on the...


ÖRÖ Hårdasnäs Sauna

The sauna is located near the holiday apartments in Hårdasnäs, about 800m from the guest marina.The sauna's benches and cosy terrace have a wonderful view of the sea. The beach is suitable for...


ÖRÖ Towel rental


ÖRÖ Juhannusaaton Buffet 21.6.

Ravintola 12" JUHANNUSBUFFET21.6. perjantai - juhannusaatto klo 13:00-20:00 48€ ja lapset 6-12v. 20€Runsas ja herkullinen buffet.


ÖRÖ Juhannuspäivän Brunssi 22.6.

Runsas ja herkullinen brunssibuffet tarjolla Ravintola 12"ssa Juhannuspäivänä 22.6.


ÖRÖ Juhannuspäivän Grillimenu 22.6.

Perinteisesti 12" piha-alueella on grilli kuumana Juhannuspäivän iltana.