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Archipelago Sights Route Cruise to Bengtskär and Viking Centre
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Bengtskär lighthouseViking Centre

Welcome to an unforgettable trip in the archipelago!

In the Viking Centre you can experience Finland living the end of its Iron Age, the mythical Viking Age. Museum consists of not only informative exhibitions, but also an entire reconstructed Viking village where you can for example try on a Viking warriors outfit or play games enjoyed already by the Vikings.

Bengtskär is the tallest lighthouse in Scandinavia, and its massive stone walls have witnessed some of the most dramatic events in Finland’s history. On climbing the tower and reaching the top, you’re awarded with a stunning view of the sea. You can explore the lighthouse keeper’s life in bygone days, the battle of Bengtskär and for example archipelago nature at the exhibitions on the lower floors.

Guidings and lunch

Both the Viking Centre and the lighthouse are easy to get acquainted with on your own, but we recommend also taking part in the free introductions during your visit. The short video presentation at the Viking Centre introduces the mythology of Vikings. Bengtskär's brief guiding of the lighthouse's history is held - weather permitting - outdoors.

The lunch is enjoyed in the majestic Chieftain Hall of the Viking village. The lunch is traditional fish soup, archipelago bread and coffee/tea. Bengtskär lighthouse's cosy cafe is open during the visit serving coffee, other beverages and small sweet snacks.


  • Duration 6 h 30 min - 7 h

  • Departure at 10.30

  • Departure port Kasnäsvägen 1289, 25930 Kasnäs (municipality of Kimitoön)

  • Weather reservation, strong wind and/or rough waves can cause changes in timetable, travel times, or prevent landing on Bengtskär altogether. We reserve right to all changes.

  • The price includes boat transfers, entrance fees and lunch at the Viking Centre.

Good to know

We can take notice of most of food allergies at the lunch, as long as we get the information in advance. All food is low lactose. You can write the diets on Additional information under Customer details at checkout.

The cafes in Viking Centre and Bengtskär accept Visa, Master and EuroCard, Visa Electron and cash.

There is a public free-of-charge parking area in Kasnäs around 450 meters before the pier. The road Kasnäsvägen ends in three boat jetties. The boats depart from the Vänö jetty on the right, or on busy days from the Örö jetty in the middle. We recommend arriving at the pier 15 minutes before departure.

Trips to Bengtskär are always weather dependent. The weather at sea can cause changes to the timetable and itinerary. Heavy seas caused by strong wind prevents landing on the island about twice a month in the summertime. We try to inform our guests about cancellation in advance, but sometimes this is not possible as the weather may not always be consistent with forecasts. If we cancel the whole trip, you will get a refund. If you paid for the trip with a gift card, you can transfer your trip for another day.

Sometimes asked

Clothing. We recommend clothing according to weather, and comfortable walking shoes suitable for uneven terrain. It can be windy and humid at sea, but just as well warm and very sunny. The weather can change quickly.

Equipment. Consider bringing sunscreen, and perhaps even a flashlight for exploring the bunker in Bengtskär. Don't forget your camera, if you wish to take photos!

Boats. The boats are water-bus type and covered, and don't have a café aboard. Some boats have a toilet, others don't.

Wind limit for landing on Bengtskär. Depending on wind and wave direction around 10 m/s wind and/or 1.5 m significant wave height on Northern Baltic Proper. Weather forecasts: for example fmi.fi, yr.no.


10.30 Kasnäs-Rosala, ca 30 minutes
Viking Centre, presentation (ca 15 min), independent exploring of Viking village and exhibitions, lunch
12.50 Rosala-Bengtskär, ca 50 min
Bengtskär, independent touring of the island, lighthouse and exhibitions, café open
15.40 Bengtskär-Kasnäs, ca 1 h 20-45 min.

The reservation entitles you to travel only on the booked time. The weather may cause changes to the timetable.

Making a reservation

Boats can be fully booked, so we warmly recommend making a reservation.

When you reserve the trip, start by selecting the number of people. The green days on the calendar are still available for the number of people you chose. Select a day, and press the Reserve button when the departure time is displayed. The system may briefly announce "There is not enough capacity on the selected date" before the departure time appears.

Your booking will be added into the shopping cart, and you can make additional reservations in the online store. When you're done, click on the basket and press the Checkout button.

Please, read also terms before making a reservation.

Tickets for children

Don't forget to book places for the smallest in the family! Children may only travel accompanied by an adult.

Ticket for a pet

If necessary, a pet can come with you on the cruise from the beginning of July. The number of pets on the cruise is limited, and the pet's trip must always be booked in advance.